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Occupy in London 03/12/2012

December 3, 2012

I haven’t written anything about Occupy for a very long time.  Since the eviction in February there have been innumerable meetings and discussions about ‘What next ?’ bu,t until recently, and with no change in the seemingly endless ‘austerity’ measures being undertaken by the government it has not been easy to gain the momentum that the physical occupation at St. Paul’s provided.   However, I couldn’t let the exploits of one particular Occupy friend go unremarked, all the more so since, this week,  we will be seeking Assembly consensus to aupport this  courageous endeavour.  For  anyone who didn’t meet him, Earthian was a stalwart at the St. Paul’s occupation ‘in charge ‘ of tents and bedding, he announced his intention to undertake this mission at the one year anniversery get-together on the steps of St. Paul’s on 15th October 2012.  Listening to him I was in no doubt that, despite the nature of it (travelling across the world to Iraq without a passport or id) he would make it.  I was just settling down to write this piece when a mail came in from a friend ro say she had submitted the following article for publication in the New Internationalist so here it is – perfect timing, saving me from attempting to convey the unique flavour of a very precious companion on this journey towards a world of social and economic justice.  Please consider ‘following’ Earthian’s progress.  He needs the support of everyone and will appreciate it hugely.  Here is the story:


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