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Occupy – 05/04/2012

May 5, 2012

Hard times in Occupy as we struggle to reconcile our differences.  This makes the video I am sharing all the more poignant. Although mainly focused on the Spanish Occupy (the Indignados) who emerged on May 15 last year, I think it portrays that combination of determination and hope that accompanied the start of this movement.  For Spain, Wall Street, Oakland, Sydney and London each Occupy is now trying (and hopeful) of finding ways to embrace what divides us, without  resort to introducing the ‘rules’ and ‘prohibitions’ which are the hallmark of our current example of democracy.

The soundtrack is blatantly emotive and whilst I would usually cringe at the manipulation, it feels justified, since it is so hard to convey what it felt like in the early days of this movement to people who weren’t there.



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