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Occupy London 25/02/2012

February 26, 2012

From what I can gather livestream tonight came across like a bad episode of the anyway bad ‘Big Brother;.  Of course it’s hard to tell, when you’re present, what on earth is being conveyed to the audience.  All of it is subjective to the bias of the person with the camera.  It wasn’t, as it often isn’t, an easy meeting.  This notion of inclusivity supposes common cause, but, at the moment, common cause is hard to maintain.  A significant proportion of people living at St. Paul’s are instinctively, not ideologically, drawn to it.  Cynically I could say it’s been a 4 month festival for a large number of people, except that the judgement in that comment doesn’t do justice to what is still being enacted here.  Which is, quite simply, a community.

This community has come together independent of particular creed.  It is composed of people who are willing to endure harsh conditions out of a sense that ‘this is what we look like’ or, in high flautin’ language ‘this is what democracy looks like’. I’m not sure it could be any other way at this embryonic stage.  Personally I wouldn’t livestream it – but that’s part of reality now. No privacy. In the name of transparency you may, if you choose, watch these unedifying scenes of disorder – or you could, of course, tune into BBC Parliament and watch how the people who make the decisions go about it.

My memories of today are – tidying up TCU and Info. Greeting visitors. Going to a couple of working group meetings. Enjoying the sunshine.  Most of all, though, as any of you who  have been in these situations will know, it’s the constant pulse of lows and highs.  The pulse of life itself. Somebody’s kicking off, somebody’s coming round with sandwiches, oh, blimey, that’s Jarvis Cocker isn’t it ? oh shit, here come the SWP, oh, thank you Krishnas with food. Oh no !  General Assembly.

As I was leaving tonight I took a picture of this little scene……………………………………..


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  1. Gillian Booth permalink

    Yes it was a bit rowdy at times due to intrustion of someone not to be hauled up. Having had his shouty say, disrupting the entire meeting, he was applauded, and satisfied, he removed himself. I liked the kindness and understanding in that applause – not a cynical culling with token praise to satisfy an out of control ego and speedily be rid of him, but a recognition of an injured spirit who needed his five minutes of interruption to speak his piece. In the middle of the stress of it all. Well, that’s what I was left with, the kindness and sensitivity. The subject matter up for discussion was the post eviction assembly point. The young man trying to guide this discussion was cool and kept hold of the steerage despite the stress of it all.You all came over as intelligent and coherent with the one already noted exception..I was one of 40 viewers watching. – Gill

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