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Occupy London 07/02/12

February 7, 2012

Dylan had his ‘Don’t talk to Strangers’ induction at school yesterday.  ‘We don’t talk to strangers’ he intoned like a mantra.  Ahead was a woman and a couple of under 5’s skipping along ‘We don’t talk to them’ says Dylan firmly ‘they don’t go to my school, they don’t know us, they’re strangers’.  ‘Well,’ says I ‘luckily most people are really nice, so, though it’s better not to talk to strangers, most people are good’. Dylan turned and looked at me witheringly, ‘The badness is inside.  They look good on the outside, but the badness is inside.’

I felt like weeping.

The occupation is experiencing its own loss of youth and innocent hope.  Conspiracy theories abound, and wild allegations around an ‘inner elite’ swirl about the camp and infect on-line communication.

Maybe too many people were subjected to the ‘stranger danger’ sermon at a key stage of their development.

Off to St. Paul’s with the fun prospect of a Finance GA at lunchtime.

” For the love of money is the root of all evil……” 1 Timothy 6:10


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  1. DAVID permalink

    Hi Liz Phoenix we spoke around 2009 about what the PHEONIX IS ,I wish to meet you still,sometime hopefully in glastonburry.i have a work in progress which incorporates many past today and future
    hope.I could say to much and come across wrong,you at the time wished for a meeting to be arranged as i do work is to unify people of nations to redesign I was given another email ADDRESS to get in touch with you AND HOPE TO SEND YOU WORK OF THE PHOENIX TO YOU THERE ,NOT TO SOUND MORE STRANGE I NEW NOTHING OF Katherine MALTWOOD OR John Michell WHEN MY IDEA WAS FORMED SO I WILL HOPEFULLY SEND YOU HOPE .BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN TO the CONS OF THE ELITE sorts AND SUM YOUTH LOSE INNERSENSE AND THE OTHER innocence BESIDES .AS A PART OF A PASSAGE OF MLK jr says THE wheels of the GodS GRIND SLOWLY BUT EXCEEDINGLY FINE .DAVID

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