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Occupy London 23/01/2012

January 23, 2012

Today Occupy at St. Paul’s is celebrating 100 days of occupation.  A party is planned for tonight, though I don’t think I’ll make it over there.  Looking after Dylan, a streaming cold (caught from Dylan !) and a very full day at St. Paul’s tomorrow conspire to indicate an early night ‘

The weekend was busy.  Sunday there was a last-minute ‘appearance’ from Vivienne Westwood, after much controversy had been generated about the nature of celebrity and our relationship to it. I have to say that I doubt if any anonymous woman turning up at St. Paul’s would have achieved such a large, and polite, audience.  She spoke about banking (a little), climate change (a little bit more) and Art (more extensively).  She was completely dismissive of contemporary work and suggested, as she did last time she spoke at St. Paul’s, that we all went down to the National gallery and immersed ourselves in the work of the distant past.  The first time around there was no opportunity to challenge this.  On Sunday, since this was described as a ‘discussion’ I took it on, particularly since she had said that Art was a reflection of the time it was made in, hence, I opined, work now was a reflection of now.  Not so, she countered, on the rather dubious grounds that ‘no-one’ made work of any substance, depth or talent. I said quite a lot more, including talking a bit about the Phoenix project, all to no avail.  Extraordinary !

I felt it would have been much more useful if she had run a workshop on customising old clothes.

We really need to examine our relationship to famous people and our propensity, it seems, for hanging onto their every word, as if they were uttering pearls of wisdom, rather than questionable personal opinions.  There were a couple of people making sketches of her, but I think they were too absorbed in their work to pay much attention to what she was saying.

We don’t expect an eviction until the beginning of next week and are planning a big rally for Saturday 28 January so I will keep you updated.





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  1. Love the suggestion that Ms Westwood should give grinds in tailoring and costume rehab.

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