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Occupy London 18/01/2012

January 18, 2012

Today was judgement day.  As most of you probably know the judge found in favour of the Corporation of London.  However, after some legal wrangling, we were given leave to appeal, so we think no eviction can take place until Friday 27 January.

The atmosphere this evening, back at St. Paul’s was resolute, and there was a heart-warming vibrancy in this so recently formed community.  The homeless, and one of our lawyers, and everyone in-between, held a general assembly on the steps of St. Paul’s, which basically affirmed our continued commitment to creating a world of social and economic justice.

Our named defendant, Tammy Samede, had made an amazing speech, outside the court, at the press conference. She spoke from her heart and I was particularly moved by her reference to our occupation and other occupations – worldwide  – where people are facing bullets to get their voices heard.  I watched her on BBC News 24 while looking after an ill grandson. It seemed for the first time ever, back at the studio, they actually repeated some of what she had said.  This ordinary lass, from up north, articulated it brilliantly for us all. She deserved a slap-up meal and a bottle of champagne, not a wet night sharing a fag with me and homeless Shamrock !

Tammy’s grasp of reality was indicated by the song she asked for to close the evening.  None of us knew what it was going to be, but once it started we all, joyously, sang and swayed to it. Imagine this – ringing out in front of St. Paul’s , and if you feel inclined, sing along too, and, as I’m sure you will, struggle at moments with the joyous lump in your throat and unexpected tears in your eyes.


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  1. Gillian Booth permalink

    Great news and a moving posting.
    What was the song? Love and support, Gill

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