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Occupy London 11/01/2012

January 11, 2012

This is a small extract from the Dialektikon conference, a re -enactment of an event that took place at the Roundhouse, Camden, in 1967.

Organised by R. D. Laing, the performers were Michael Horowitz, poet troubador, the only original member of the group at this event,which took place on Sunday at Tent City University.  R. Laing (Harry Myers, Stokely Carmichael (Kuselo Mandela), Allen Ginsberg (Niall McDevitt) and Peter Morton provided the folk music.

It was extraordinary to realise that this happened nearly 45 years ago and remains so relevant today.

There continues to be lots going on, but, of course, we are all awaiting the judgement from the High Court, which we have just heard will be on Monday next week.  It will take a miracle for their not to be an eviction order.  Then, I think there will be a big scramble of various views from, let’s go voluntarily just before the due date, to a resistance hopefully retaining our commitment to non-violence.

It’s Martin Luther King day on Sunday and we’ve lots of things planned for that.  I’ll try and keep you up to date.


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