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Occupy London 01/01/2012

January 2, 2012

A great New Years Eve at St. Paul’s.  There’s something very strange and magical about dancing to Stevie Wonder in front of one of the most iconic cathedrals in England.  There was a great atmosphere and, having been away from the occupation for nearly a fortnight, due to being ill, and consequently having a very low-key Christmas, it was wonderful to meet up with my new friends at occupation who greeted me with huge warmth and affection.

I think my favourite bit was standing outside the occupation library at around 12.30am as literally thousands of people came by on their return from the fireworks on the Thames.  I decided to wish a happy new year to as many people as possible.  It was interesting how many people responded with a cheerful ‘happy new year’ back, sometimes forgetting that they were, in effect, wishing the occupation a happy new year.  That said about 80% of people genuinely wished the occupation well and said thank you for what we were doing.  So though I don’t think millions of people are going to take to the streets any time soon, it’s clear that something is stirring.

Meanwhile we will need to spend the next 10 days or so seriously thinking about the future.  It’s clear that a camping occupation is not going to continue, or certainly not on the scale it is at present, but it is also clear that there is lots more to do.  So, to be continued…………………

Meanwhile, a happy, healthy and interesting new year to you all.


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  1. Gillian Booth permalink

    I watched the fireworks on the telly and saw St. Paul’s dome from time to time.
    You’ve answered all my wonderings – whether you were there, (of course you were!), how the great hordes of people going by greeted you all, and how your health was.

    It must have been an incredible night. Wow, I can’t quite get my head round Stevie and St. Paul’s but then it’s the year for getting heads round a lot of things, so a good start, there.

    Meanwhile, keep on keeping on – love to you all and here’s to a spectacular year in ways maybe we who want change are only just beginning to imagine.

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