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Occupy Everywhere 22/12/2011

December 22, 2011

A great video mainly focusing on the occupation in the US,(will not be popular with people who don’t like Leonard Cohen!), and below is the new logo for Occupy London, designed by Jonathan Bambrook, well known in the design world – voted for online out of many submissions (including mine!). There is lots going on at St. Pauls, including an amazing mass sing-out last night on the steps.  A lot of us will be with our families for Christmas, but lots of people are planning to be at St. Pauls, and I instinctively feel it will be a magical time for everyone there.  I’m planning to keep in touch and will definitely be back there immediately after Christmas.


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  1. The Occupy movements is a sign of the times, right?

    Humanity has changed so much and truly a new age is upon us – an Age of Self-Empowerment!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks ‘passionfortruths’ always good to find new people following this blog. My own hopes for 2012 are that we get down to it. There’s a mountain to climb and we’re still at base camp, but together we can build a safe home!

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