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Not able to Occupy London ! 20/12/2011

December 20, 2011

Long time since I’ve posted here.  Up until Saturday I was just running about between St. Paul’s and Dylan and reminding myself that I hadn’t done anything about Christmas.

Then, bother, had to take to my bed and subsequently a trip to the doctor.  So now it’s antibiotics and I still haven’t ‘done anything’ about Christmas, so panic is setting in !

It’s been very busy at the Occupation, perhaps some of you have heard bits and pieces. The hot news today is the occupation of Old Street former police station and magistrates court.  The building has been empty since 1995, and various schemes have been put forward but none have come to anything.  Of course now it is being claimed that it was going to be developed into a hotel (yes, I know, it’s ‘an’ but it’s one of my few correct grammar rebellions!)  – though there is nothing about that plan on the web. I think it’s wonderfully audacious and I feel very fed up that I can’t go along.

Watching the news tonight and seeing what’s happening in America, where it was said 1 in 2 people are now in poverty, it becomes obvious that the Occupy movement needs to get really serious about trying to involve more people in our concerns.

Hope to write more this side of Christmas !



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