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Occupy London 09/12/2011

December 10, 2011


I’m conscious, going back and forth from Shepherd’s Bush and St. Paul’s and spending lots of post-school time with Dylan, practising for his part as the myrrh carrying king in the school nativity play “What’s myrrh Granny Liz?’  and singing ‘Away in a Manger’ and watching all the people on my travels clutching huge bags of shopping – Christmas shopping – that this is an incredibly special Christmas for me.  Somehow being on the courtyard of this extraordinary place , St. Paul’s, a place which I had never really thought much about before, realising its proximity to the river, and Tate Modern (which we sometimes hold meetings in), somehow its a true reconciliation of the ancient and modern in a most particular way.  Here we are at St. Paul’s, drawn together by a profound sense that things are dreadfully wrong, acting on behalf of all the people who don’t have the privilege, or opportunity, to do what we are doing. I say that because I realise that if I didn’t have a Freedom Pass (due to my great age!) and if I didn’t have a certain amount of’free time each week, I simply couldn’t do this. Most of you can’t do this. If I say I’m doing this for you I don’t mean it arrogantly, I mean it because it’s true. So I am really doing it for everyone who can’t – just because I can.

I was so struck tonight when I arrived back – so,so cold, of how much beauty I had seen today – because it was bright  and later the moon over St. Paul’s was so breathtaking, and then I heard that St. Paul’s Choir were going to come on the steps next Friday and sing, for Occupy London, and that felt bigger and deeper than Thom Yorke and Massive Attack (though I thank them very much) and I suppose I think that the theatre, the spiritual theatre, of this accidental juxtaposition, is just perfect, as I said earlier, ancient and modern.

I know that this occupation of spiritual space is important for the whole movement.  I think it is from these spaces that the resolution will come.




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  1. I saw the same moon over Glastonbury last night against a red sky as a vast flock of starlings swooped over towards their roost, and the beauty of it made me shout out loud; now your description of the moon over St Paul’s makes me even more aware of what you are saying: we are all part of the same web and I thank you for the clarity of your observations.

  2. Great to read your post Liz. Yes!

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