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Occupy London 05/12/2011

December 6, 2011

It’s been a few, busy, days, since I posted here. Practically, as you might imagine, it’s difficult – cold would be the first thing to say. The west side of St. Paul’s wind tunnel is not ideal for coherent thought and then, there is our ambition.  I think I use the word ambition accurately, I think what we are trying to do is hold to account/accountability the result of rampant advanced capitalism. I think, sometimes, we are not asking the right questions.

We’re in an economic mess. The whole world is in an economic mess.

The movement called ‘Occupy’ is being asked what their solution to this mess would be, and, it is suggested, that unless we can come up with a solution to this mess we lack all credibility.

I think we should stop pretending that we have any easy answers. I think we should be asking every politician, investment banker, COE of major companies and economic theorist where their politics lead them.

In other words they should be asked who they are serving.

Whose interests do they have at heart? Do they have my interests at heart? Do they even know what my interests are? Do they care? Do they care about your interests? Do they have your interests at heart?

Or even mind?

All I know is, that as we grapple at St. Paul’s with an honourable attempt to be inclusive, we also grapple with the reality of our own alienation from each other.

Together we can build a safe home.



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  1. Gillian Booth permalink

    Liz – just read your latest posting. I can extract some of it for my written spiel outside St John’s – another notice with questions, perhaps. I sense that it’s been a tough weekend there.
    Are there any posters being put out for the December 15 solidarity call? I am going to run off a few anyway, regardless, as not everyone in this little backwater who would get involved is on Noticeboard. Charley B has offered to help distribute – an ally I never foresaw, somehow that’s pleasing! My pop up tent is arriving today and I plan to put it up outside St. Johns Church on the pavement for the duration of the four hours we’ll be there. If someone wants to stay on and use it, they can feel free.
    Strength to ya
    Gill xx

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