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Occupy London 30/11/2011

November 30, 2011

While all sorts of things were going on, (it being what is being inexplicably described as N30- i.e. public workers strike day), I had a very pleasant day at the occupation,in the library, with Dylan, whose school was on strike.  He had a great time – a former ‘reception class’ teacher (Dylan is in ‘reception class’) spent lots of time with him while I was talking to passers-by, the media, the police, other occupation people and generally having a normal morning. Then someone donated some of those gel stickers that you put on tiles (or windows) and Dylan spent ages arranging and re-arranging penguins and snowflakes, whilst I was being quizzed by a journalist about fractional reserve banking!  I told him it was all quite simple as far as I was concerned, in my now familiar Mrs Micawber mode, fractional reserve banking was ‘wrong’ could we all please get back to basic housekeeping . I went on my thing about money being a construct, it doesn’t actually exist etc., but, as you might imagine got nowhere on that. So I tried one last thing, ensuring I am described in the press as incoherent, if not downright mad, and suggested that, since, as we all know, Brittania seems to believe she still rules the waves, and since 2012 is a Jubilee year, could we honour that by cancelling all debt – globally.

(To find out about the notion of a jubilee year just google ‘jubilee’).

I seem to be in quite a good mood, and here’s a picture of Dylan decorating the windows of the library:


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  1. Gillian Booth permalink

    Wow! That’s a very impressive up and coming boy in a very impressive up and coming Library. More pics of the day to day indoor spaces, please. Love your sense of homour. Thanks for the conversation last night – Gill

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