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Occupy London 28/11/2011

November 29, 2011

I haven’t been at the occupation today, Dylan care/love/best of everything, why I’m even involved with Occupy.

Later on, I came home and switched on ‘Newsnight’.

Now I acknowledge that I’m tired, juggling my worlds, ‘Occupy London’ and the care of my beloved grandson, but,/and, as I watched ,it became obvious that the world they were discussing on ‘Newsnight’ had absolutely nothing to do with me.  It was about ‘real’ or ‘perceived’ enemies. It  was about warfare. It was being discussed rationally. All the images on the screen were male. Men-politicians. generals and, ultimately, soldiers firing weapons, talked in one way or another about the ‘threat’ and some kind of necessity to obliterate ‘the enemy’. As you can imagine this showed lots of moving images of soldiers (in this instance American) firing bullets and missiles at ‘the enemy’ . Not a single woman was shown in this account.

I don’t have words to describe what I feel about this.Obviously not a word about the occupations penetrated a moment of this discourse, not a moment in which it was indicated that there is a groundswell of opinion that challenges this cynical view that we solve problems by killing people who don’t agree with us.

There are lots of people who I don’t agree with.  There are lots of people in Occupy London who I don’t agree with, but it would never cross my mind to treat them as an enemy, it would never cross my mind to kill them, but somehow, rationally, on ‘Newsnight’, the killing of people who I might disagree with is being justified, or, worse, not even being questioned.

As I write this I’m listening to Stevie Wonder “Love’s in Need” – it certainly is ! Come on folks – move as daringly as you can out of your comfort zone. I recommend that you google Occupied Wall Street Journal where you will find a headline article by Dr. Cornell West titled  ‘A Love Supreme’ – special love to Jaki Whitren and John Cartwright whose music sustains me on my journey – viva the Court of Miracles – Phoenix rising.


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  1. Gillian Booth permalink

    Love is with you, Liz, every step you take. Indelible and persistent. Your message moved me to tears. Out walking with a friend on Sunday, we both agreed that if we gave full reign to our anger about war and the dominance of the male view across the planet, we’d burn up. With you. Peace. And thank you.

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