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November 14, 2011

I can’t find any record of David Harvey’s lecture at St.Paul’s so here is a little extract.  It has terrible sound, even though I used another camera-this time because the truck that empties the Portaloos turned up !

Today has been taken up mainly with trying to create better ‘structures’ for working around the multitude of issues which people, quite rightly, want to discuss.

The library space is always restful and full of good information.  The typewriter project was really good this weekend and lots of people shared their thoughts about the occupation.

One man wrote “It is my 62nd birthday and I have made a pilgrimage here all the way from west Wales.”    Another one said

“My name is Adrian and I am ten years old. I want to see a better world. Sleep well don’t get cold. xxx

Makes all the nitty gritty of the politics and economics worth it!


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  1. Gillian Booth permalink

    I could hear David Harvey clearly despite the portaloo squad! Seems to me that we are all just completely fed up with the way things are; and that spirit, that many of us have had enough, is very evident in his sentiments and, today, in footage from NYC where currently the demonstration is a moveable feast after the Wall Street eviction and the people are shouting ‘ they’re our streets’.
    They sure are. Thanks for your link, Liz.

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