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Occupy London 08/11/2011

November 9, 2011

It felt like an excellent day today – but maybe that was partly because a dear friend was around for a few hours!  Though it was also that, although’the process’ is exhausting and difficult , there is a genuine and ongoing experiment in finding a model for real democracy. Also a constant call to ‘keep it peaceful’. I think what the occupation has achieved in just over 3 weeks is extraordinary.People sweeping the steps of the Cathedral at 7am, a functioning kitchen and a tea tent (with piano), excellent First Aid, good recycling, a library, a University Tent, Info tent and so on and so on, you can go to the to get updates and you can hear not only my take but others by googling Occupy London. Lots is being planned. Tomorrow (Wednesday) it’s the Student demonstration and the Electricians Union demo. (their stated aim is to close down all construction sites on the route). Friday is 11/11/11 – Armistice Day.  We are planning a meditation on St. Paul’s Courtyard at 11/11/11/11 quite simply for PEACE – it will last about 20 minutes – please join wherever you are.  Saturday is Lord Mayor’s Show Day. Traditionally the carriage stops at St Paul’s where the Lord Mayor is blessed by the C of E clergy and presented with a bible, the group (Inter-faith, all faiths and none) that is working with the clergy at  St. Paul’s have got an agreement that they will offer an alternative blessing and then present a book, which is an anthology of the written teachings, from all the faiths, on subjects like usurory ,and an attachment to materialism.  There will also be an alternative Lord Mayor’s Show with comedians and musicians. Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and we’ll be doing something but I don’t yet know what. The pic below is of an image that was placed in the colonnade that is on the edge of the courtyard.( Just double click on the image to see it properly !)


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  1. Really fantastic stuff Liz. Keep up the good work and hope to see you there again soon!

  2. Good to read your updates Lizzie!
    I’m still planning to come down on Sunday again…
    And will beam a silence at 11-11-11-11

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