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Busy weekend at Occupy London-

November 6, 2011

Just to fill you in on why you’re getting so much about Occupy London  The Bishop of London has said that the Phoenix is the emblem of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  For me, at the moment, the occupation is the most creative thing I can be involved in – most especially because the topic is money. As anyone involved in the project knows, one of my favourite subjects.

I’m sure you all remember the collective novel at the Festival, well, tomorrow I’m taking a manual typewriter to the library at the occupation and we will be inviting people to share their thoughts in not more than 10 lines. (The library by the way is great, as are the librarians! )The library is situated in a tent which acts as the foyer for the University City Tent, where there are workshops, speakers and so on.

The video is a personal highlight and apologies in advance for poor sound quality, my dodgy camera, not as it was experienced on a very good system in the front of St. Paul’s.  The Court of Miracles with the track ‘I just want to be there’ from their album ‘Spirit Soul Hearted’. My only comment would be that album was made in the 1980’s and it’s still so relevant. Come on folks ! At the right moment, the next one I ask my lovely mate who does the sound to put on will be Jaki singing ‘THIS TIME’.

Like these things are it’s like experiencing a week in a day – and putting a week of work into a day – so I’ve got lots more to do this evening, especially creating a poster that you can all put in your windows to support the intention of the occupation which is to find new ways to create a world where every child, woman and man is living on a planet that is truly a home.


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  1. Pleased to meet you today! I will be on site all week, giving away perception dollars and looking to bring attention to the subject of money! There will also be a showing of “Money as Debt” on Tuesday night.

  2. brondove permalink

    Great to talk last night on the phone and hear all the first hand news about the occupation. Fresh back from Italy, and about to plunge into another round of teaching in deepest Somerset, I nevertheless have the feeling of connection to events at St Pauls, both through you and John’s music on the video clip. Carry London Home! Thank you – I’ll stay posted.

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