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An extraordinary day – Occupy London

November 1, 2011

An extraordinary day!

It seemed as though an eviction notice was going to be served on the occupation outside St. Paul’s so I wanted to get there as soon as possible but had a hospital appointment I decided to attend.  All well where that was concerned so…………by the time I got there the news had just come through that St. Paul’s had withdrawn, that left the City of London Corporation and, as you all know by now, they also withdrew.

The atmosphere wasn’t euphoric – quietly confident was my sense of it.  I managed to talk to a couple of bankers, although in their 50’s it was obvious that ,comfortable they might be, but they were not ‘movers and shakers’, more like foot soldiers.  We agreed on just about everything – social justice, inequality, obscene bonuses, the futility of war. So what’s the problem? Bless them they think the state we’re in is called the real world. Every ounce of innocence and imagination has been crushed.

I continue to be impressed by how well run the camp is – and how difficult. Greenham seems like a pastoral idyll. We had trees, a fire for goodness sake. This camp is at the foot of an iconic piece of architecture, surrounded by shops and cafes and a busy road. Tents are on the paving stones. The energy is all derived from the encounters with the interested, the curious and the hostile. I hope positive energy is flowing towards the endeavour. I’ll be back there in the morning, but meanwhile am in the comfort of my flat, a delicious supper in the oven and Jaki Whitren singing ‘Healing Home’ on my deck. Jaki for Christmas No. 1 ?


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  1. R Obin permalink

    Interesting Adam Curtis blog about this on bcc website.

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