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Occupy London, St Paul’s, 23/10/2011

October 23, 2011

It is impossible to work out what the real problem is between the church and the demonstration (Occupy London). Today the church was again closed and, during the ‘open mike’ session an impassioned plea was made by an elderly woman who remembers the role of the cathedral during WW2. , asking the demonstrators to leave. She was clearly very upset and sympathetically received but, when it was pointed out that the steps were clear and the only ‘problem’ was that the doors of the cathedral are locked she became understandably confused.

An hour later some of the clergy came out and conducted a service (with printed sheets of prayers etc.) and taking round a ‘collection basket’ which was donated to generously from what I could see.

I’m pleased to report that this stand-off is not being allowed to dominate proceedings and interesting talks on economics were being held in the ‘University Tent’ along with healthy dialogues all over the area.

Democratic consensus is hard work and the space is full of contradictions and conflicts – and quite a few very cross and rude self-righteous folk of intractable beliefs about what will solve ‘the problem’. It has to be said that the people who approached me had emerged from very predictable places. It’s extraordinary that no matter what you attempt to say about your life and experience they are quite certain that you haven’t heard their perspective ever before, and need to inform you about the ‘evils of capitalism’, the importance of ‘saving the planet’, and so and so forth ad infinitum.

It requires quite a dose of spiritual discipline not to get cross and self-righteous right back at them!

I’m off to Glastonbury this week so might not find much to post,

but you never know


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  1. Many thanks for your website! I really like what you’re writing here.

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