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Occupy London

October 22, 2011

I went again today to the Occupy London demonstration.

The ‘hierarchy’ of St. Paul’s had just announced their concerns about ‘health and safety’ ‘issues’ and indicated that the ‘point’ having been ‘made’ (and noticed by the media!) –  it was now time for the ‘protesters’ to move on.

So that’s all fine then – problem solved !

Hopefully this interesting demonstration of me/us toddling towards the real meaning of democracy will not get too distracted into an argument with ‘the church’. ‘The Church’ is, of course, also an institution, and it seems as though this institution has decided that it will invoke ‘health and safety’ as a (cowardly) way of evading its responsibility to the spirit of its essence, though not, perhaps of its founder – St. Paul.

It will be impossible for those of you who haven’t been there to assess the danger (from what I can gather this seems to mainly focus on whether a fire engine could gain access to the cathedral should it be necessary) that might occur due to the demonstration. It will also be impossible for you to decide whether what I say about it is true. I might be a hippie, or scrounger or other sort of person that has no grasp of the real world . Nonetheless I will give you my impression of late afternoon, early evening, today (October 21).There were quite a lot of people there – quite a lot – not thousands, not even hundreds. There were a few policemen. There was a meeting going on to discuss the situation.

It is obvious that a fire engine could gain access to the cathedral, at least to the side, which has been left totally unimpeded, and I have no doubt to the front, except of course it couldn’t, and never could, mount the steps. I suppose basically what I’m saying is that the purported fire risk is totally spurious.

I don’t know whether worshippers are disinclined to pray in the cathedral due to the demonstration. It seems unlikely. ‘Loss of revenue’ is the other reason cited – £20,000 has been mentioned.  There’s not much you can say about that under the circumstances. And you can see how easy it is to get into an argument with the church and almost forget that this is about greed. Or have I already managed to convey that it doesn’t matter where you gather together you will be moved on and dispersed?

Somebody said (oh yes it was Joanna Lumley on ‘The One Show’) why don’t they go to Speakers Corner. Great idea! Let’s go to Speakers Corner – let’s see if we can occupy Hyde Park – or just let’s stay at St. Paul’s.


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