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Occupy London-addendum

October 22, 2011

It’s the early hours of the morning, and I’ve written about Occupy London and am still restless, then I realised that I had to say.

The regime in Libya under Gaddafi was horrendous but I could not experience the images of his death  (or that of Osama Bin Laden) with anything but distress, disturbance , horror (finally I’ve arrived at the right word).

On this issue I’m simple to the point of stupidity.

The assassination of Bin Laden appears to have been sanctioned by the administration of the USA. Decadent scenes of American jubilation at his murder were widely broadcast.

Gaddafi seems to have been lynched by the mob and, again, the celebration of his death has dominated the media.

What have we become..?……….how is there any possibility that our ‘values’ mean anything?

I am almost speechless at how far we have moved from the present and future I imagined when I entered my maturity along with Bob Dylan, John Lennon,Neil Young and so, and so,and so on.

and “I have a dream”…(Martin Luther King).

like my  dream too, that we would create a world where it would be unimaginable to assassinate, or sanction the lynching of  our opponents.

So, what would I do to them? the mob demands. That’s what’s always demanded of the ‘powerless’ people, “So what would you do with them?” the crowd bays. Of course my answer is inadequate, because I don’t say it clearly enough, or confidently enough, or, strongly enough and, of course, I have not been publicly tested.

However this is my answer – I would talk them (of course I can’t talk to them since they’re both dead) but, the mob is asking what I would have done if they hadn’t killed them.  But since you ask I would say “I’m your mother, come home” and they would.


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