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Finally back !

October 10, 2011

I’ve put up a post immediately before this.  It was receiving it this morning that galvanised me back into activity.

I’ve been waiting until I had something ‘interesting’ to say – about the Phoenix, about my work, about? and there hasn’t been anything except impediments of one sort and another and to write about and that isn’t interesting to anyone except me.

This weekend I was thinking about the Wall St Occupation and about 2 events which took place here in London a ‘Stop the War’

‘occupation’ of Trafalgar Square on Saturday  and the NHS ‘Block the Bridge’ on Sunday.

Many years ago, at Glastonbury Festival, Gil Scott Heron sang to us on a sunny Sunday afternoon – well ‘sang’ makes it sound harmonious but in a way it was anything but. Gil Scott Heron stated, as only he can, that ‘peace is not a weekend activity’ not a ‘leisure’ thing to do when you’re not working – ‘Peace’ he growled ‘ is a full time job.’

Of course everyone wildly clapped and cheered and begged for more and, in the way of it, just for a brief moment it seemed as though change was upon us at that very moment, right there.  Then most folk went back to work on Monday morning.

Ariel Dorfman’s poem to Barack Obama is one of the most passionate I have read in a long while.  It may be addressed to Barack Obama but it spoke to me, of me. What ‘interesting’ thing do I think I’ve been waiting to tell you?

Bear with me, this is only a start, and this is what I want to say. Without status or money it is hard to make our work visible Hard, but not impossible.  It just takes a courage I think I mislaid for a while.  It means being out there – putting messages in bottles (at least some variant of that idea). It means trusting that there are other people who want an end to greed and corruption, who want every child, woman and man to be safe and loved and fed and educated and housed and able, when appropriate, to work and able, when appropriate, to rest and be cared for.

I don’t  know how this will work or quite what I’ll do but I hope very much you feel the same way.

Now I need to go and pick my grandson up from school.



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